Tin box



What is tin packaging?

Tin packaging is also known as a tinplate container and is made from steel that is coated with a thin tin coating. Custom tin boxes come in many shapes and sizes, the most popular being hinged metal boxes. Tinplate is highly durable and is wonderful for packaging food produc


What is the minimum order quantity for custom tin boxes?

Currently, our MOQ for 5000 units for existing sizes and 10,000 for custom sizes. Molds for tin boxes are extremely time consuming and expensive to create, that’s why it’s best to stick to our existing tin sizes to reduce costs and save time.


Are tin boxes food safe?

To ensure your personalized tins are food safe, a food grade lacquer is added to the interior of the box to prevent corrosion and any interactions between the metal and food product. Make sure to check with your dedicated product specialist to ensure your design is food s


How do you print on custom printed tin boxes?

Oil based inks are used to effectively print on custom tin boxes using the offset printing method. Offset printing can be expensive for small order runs. Make sure to check in with your dedicated product specialist to ensure your order quantity is optimized for printing.


What are my varnish options for personalized tins?

Our custom printed tin boxes are available in a glossy or matte finish. A glossy finish will bring more vibrancy to colors while a matte finish may make colors appear more muted. If you have a special varnish in mind for your custom tin boxes, make sure to speak with your

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