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Welcome to Golden Tin Co.,Limited, your trusted partner in the tin box manufacturing industry. We specialize in high-quality tin packaging solutions, catering to diverse sectors such as chocolate, tea, biscuits, and spices.

One-Stop Packaging Service

At Golden Tin Co.,Limited, we understand the demands of the packaging industry. Our large-scale production capabilities make us a go-to source for substantial orders of complex tin packaging boxes. Whether you’re launching a new product or updating an existing one, we offer comprehensive services from design to delivery.


Why Choose Us?

Experience with Leading Brands: We have extensive experience working with major retail and supermarket brands, ensuring your packaging meets the highest standards.


Custom Design and Innovation: Our team excels in OEM/ODM services, providing you with custom designs and innovative packaging solutions that enhance your brand’s presence in the market.


Expertise Across Industries: As a leading tin box supplier, we provide specialized packaging for food products, including chocolates, teas, biscuits, and spices, ensuring quality and appeal.


Our Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to delivering packaging solutions that combine quality, functionality, and creativity. Our goal is to help your products stand out on the shelves and resonate with consumers.

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Not sure what you want? Our experts can help.


Customer-centric support

Customer-centric support

Collaborate one-on-one with dedicated packaging experts that provide outstanding unlimited support to your packaging project

End-to-end solution

End-to-end solution

Get dedicated support from start to finish and even beyond with our end-to-end solution. Sit back and watch your packaging turn into reality.

Packaging without limits

Packaging without limits

Have the freedom of creating anything you can imagine. Complex or simple, our packaging experts are able to help turn your idea to reality.

High-quality guaranteed

High-quality guaranteed

Who says it has to be expensive to be high-quality? Enjoy the perks of our proactive cost savings solutions to get affordable yet high-quality packaging!

A proven process for impactful custom packaging


Effective packaging transcends mere aesthetics. Each business possesses unique objectives, whether it's optimizing costs or advancing sustainability initiatives. At PakFactory, we address these distinct requirements by offering a comprehensive, modular service across the entire packaging supply chain. Our experts spearhead each phase, ensuring your needs are meticulously met at every juncture.

 A proven process for impactful custom packaging



Packaging Strategy Packaging Audit Supply Chain Optimization



Artwork Design Structural Engineering



Sampling & Prototype Packaging Testing Packaging Optimization



Strategic Sourcing Managed Manufacturing Multi-packaging Stringent Quality Control



Route Optimization Cargo Optimization Just-in Time Delivery Shipment Consolidation



Project Evaluation Project Optimization

See results up to...


Cost & time saved

From industry leading packaging solutions aimed at reducing your time and costs for the best ROI.


More sustainable packaging

By leveraging our green packaging and talented team of structural engineers to minimize material usage.


Increase in sales

With our award winning packaging designers that focus on building effective first impressions.


More reliable service

With our committed packaging specialists that is here for you 24/7 before and after the project.

Get started now

Endless support, endless results

As long as you’re willing to work with us, we are willing to provide you endless support in order to achieve your ultimate custom packaging goal.

Packaging consultation


Packaging consultation

Get agency-like, one-on-one service from real people that speak design and packaging. Our packaging specialists work with you to understand your goals to recommend solutions catered to your project. We understand that our customers’ success is our success


Lower cost and greater value

Shopping around for quality products at good prices can be time-consuming. We know this because we’re frequently sourcing quality materials at competitive prices so our customers can get quality packaging for less. Our growing family of happy customers contribute to lower prices for all of our customers to enjoy.
Lower cost and greater value
No project is too big or small


No project is too big or small

With multiple facilities in North America and across the world, you can bet that PakFactory has you covered, no matter your run size. Our proven process for packaging success enables us to work with companies both small and large produce packaging solutions designed to impress.


Vast global network of packaging

Get access to a global supply chain utilizing the strengths and production efficiencies of facilities locally and internationally. Easily browse through our frequently updated lines of the latest packaging types and styles produced worldwide.
Vast global network of packaging</p>
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