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Some knowledge for Metal box and Tin boxes

Author : Alice Du Date : 3/15/2013 11:32:19 PM

    Some knowledge for different shapes Tin boxes and metal boxes ,different tin packagings


     We always want to find the best and suitable Tin box & metal boxes for our good to promote , but when we have a  idea in our mind and can't make a right decision and take action to finish in short time ,so we sourch on the website and B2B or B2C ,and compare the price and  doubt the quality and service whether can meet our requests' 

  Now we should know some information for Metal box and Tin box .   One for  Tin box structure :   two pce Tin , three pce Tin , four pcs Tin , five pcs Tin 


  Two  for Tin box and metal box bottom  diference : Rolled inside , Rolled outside  and lid rolled inside, lid rolled outside 

  Three for Tin box  Diferent shapes : Round Tin ,Rectangle Tin ,Square Tin ,Irregular Tin  

 These will affect one' requests and ideas in daily life  , if you want to find the right and suit Metal box , pls give your mind to your suppliers and then they will give you the right choose .


 But different requests will  have different cost ,  as super goods always enlarge your profit max .

                                                                                                     Done by Alice Du